Andy Alexander for Rachel Comey

I’ve has been drawing since I was a kid, as part of my interdisciplinary art practice as an adult, I developed a daily habit of drawing as a form of meditation.  Psychedelic worlds of color, shapes and architectural spaces form abstract, geometric, patterned, and sometimes figurative scenes.  Stemming from deep within my subconscious, beyond reason and logic, I see the images as openings to other worlds.  Artists like Henry Darger, Moebius, and James Turell have been key sources of inspiration, as has my sixteen-year membership in a close-knit science fiction reading group.

After finding my drawings on Instagram, Rachel Comey fell in love with the “the energy and colors and weirdness of the work,” and created a print inspired by my drawings.  To coincide with the release of the new print pieces, I showed a selection of his drawings at the Los Angeles store.

Original Drawing

Rachel Comey Dress Close Up

Embroidered shoes inspired by my drawing


Me and my friends wearing different variations of the dress

Installation shot with my drawings



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